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Matt/Karen: setting you up for a fall

Title: setting you up for a fall
Pairing: Matt/Karen RPF, as per normal
Rating: T/pg-13 for swearing and discussion of mature themes? IDK
Word Count: 4046 (o.O)
A.N: Sort-of based on the recent Almeria candids, because they gave me all of the happy feels, and an instant headcanon was born. It kind of...mutated...though.
A.N 2: The premise is probably rather obvious (but I'm still severely disappointed in the lack of Luke-Laura-Lester-and-the-baby recognition) but, hey - a prize (note; no actual prize) for first person to identify which story/book/film/thing I am paying homage to!
Quick note - The split from Daisy is mentioned once, briefly, I don't usually like to involve IRL relationships but it was quicker than establishing a made-up one.
One last thing (yeah, these notes are getting out of control again, sorry) - an ADDED prize for recognition of the line lifted from the best scene to have ever happened Glee.

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Letters to my love/To a stranger

Title: Letters to my love/To a stranger
Word Count: 3677
Pairing: Matt/Kaz
Rating: T/pg-13 for swearing
Disclaimer: Not mine, not real, not to be taken seriously.
Written for: elisa-on-parade on tumblr
Prompt:  They hook up with each other while they're still dating other people, but Karen doesn't want to leave her boyfriend to be with Matt, even though Matt would drop anything to be with her.
Author’s Note: I...don’t even know. This one sort of got away from me a bit. I took some liberties (ish) with the prompt, and then suddenly the idea for the format arrived, and – boom. Also, title is inspired by the title of a fic by  and also the name of a film Sherlock and John star in in the most amazing AU fanfiction I have ever read and now cannot find anymore.
A/N 2: This, obviously, isn’t supposed to be a complete reflection of EVERY email, text, letter, etc, that they send each other, just a sample

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Mar. 4th, 2012

Title: crazy little thing called love
Rating: G
Word Count: 984
A/N This is quite possibly the single most fluffy thing I have ever written. Kind of prompted by mythiefmytardiswho was all "WHHEEEE I AM WRITING BABIES!FIC AND YOU SHOULD TOO" and then this happened. Also, I will award one billion kudos points to whoever figures out where the names are from.

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Mar. 4th, 2012

Title: There's a metaphor
Word Count: 469
Rating:  G
Written for: Anonymous on tumblr
Prompt: Tea. Nutella. Chess. First Kiss

"I am 29 years old. I refuse to eat Nutella with a sponn."Collapse )

Mar. 4th, 2012

Title: the words slipped through his fingers
Word Count: 960
Prompt: "I'd like nothing more than to kiss you right now." | Matt accidentally confesses his love while filming. On set. With everyone's eyes on them,
Rating: PG-13 for one swear
Written for: Anonymous on tumblr

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Fanfiction: Here at the end

Title: Here at the end
Pairing: The Doctor and Amy Pond
Rating: G
A/N: I...I don't even know. Shamelessly inspired by what saywheeeee put on her tumblr the other day, and ostensibly a birthday fic for effie214 (although that feels horrible, like, hey, happy birthday! HERE HAVE SOME TEARS.) Sorry if there are any typos or whatever; I just wrote this in a bit of a blur and now I feel a tad emotionally frail :L

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Everything seems so excellent

Title: Everything seems so excellentnt
Word Count: 531
Prompt: A night out in a London club leads to the truth and more...
Rating: T (pg-13) for language and substance abuse
Written for: Anonymous on tumblr

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out of character

Title: Out Of Character
Word Count: 1053
Prompt: Matt Smith - Amy Pond's biggest fan
Written for: 
anonymous tumblr asker


and if it can be remembered

Title: and if it can be remembered
Word Count: 1024
Prompt: Matt and Karen meet for the first time in years at an interview (or something, can't find the actual prompt anywhere)
Rating: T (pg-13)
Written for: Giulia http://lily-fucking-evans.tumblr.com

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it's not the first, but it is brand new

Title: it's not the first, but it is brand new
Word Count: 438
Prompt: First kiss
Rating: G
Written For: Jess, the queen of my askbox

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